Michael Kahn

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Michael Kahn photographs have appeared in publications throughout the United States, including in The New York Times. Architectural Digest, Family circle, Women’s Day, Adirondack Life and Historic Preservation. However, while Kahn has achieved commercial success as a color photographer, he derives the most personal satisfaction from his black and white images. These images have been widely exhibited, including in shows at the Butler Museum of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, The Three Rivers Arts Festival at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Sommerville-Manning Gallery om Wilmington, Delaware and the Chester County historical Association in West Chester Pennsylvania. they were also the focus of the book Brandywine, published in 1990 by the Jared Company.

In 1996 Michael Kahn combined his two passions and began photographing antique boats. These works have led him to create remarkable images in the Adirondack Mountains the Chesapeake Bay, and along the coast of New England.